EAST COAST CAMPOUT IS FULL – email j.galura@christiansurfers.com to be added to waitlist.
Can you think of anything better than a surf trip? How about a surf trip where you wake up right next to the waves, still smelling like last night’s bonfire? You know, with nothing else planned but to surf 3 sessions that day and eat too many hot dogs. Pretty cool right?
Yeah, we thought so too.
This October we’re doing TWO campouts to get the whole tribe together for an epic time of surfing and fun. Quit having boring, s’more-less weekends. Start having awesome weekends. You deserve it.


Outer Banks, NC


Punta Cabras, MEXICO

Total cost is $120 (or $80 to tent camp East Coast) and that includes your meals, water, and campsite fees. Plus a sweet t-shirt!

East Coast Campout: Oct 5-8

EAST COAST CAMPOUT IS FULL – email j.galura@christiansurfers.com to be added to waitlist.
Location: Camp Emmanuel @ Liberty Christian Fellowship in Kill Devil Hills
Cost: Cabin spot $120 / Tent Camping $80 (no tents provided)
Includes 2 meals per day, facility rental, event shirt
Total space available: 76
Registration Deadline:  September 1
– Surfing
– Tarp Surfing
– Bonfires
– Worship
– More Surfing
– Games
October Information
Average Water Temp: Mid 60’s
Average Air Temp: Mid 70’s (can be colder)
Wetsuit Recommendations: topper, spring suit, 3/2 full suit
Sunrise: 7:00 AM
Sunset: 7:00 PM
Surf: Early October has the possibility of groundswell from late season tropical activity but also anticipate larger NE wind swell with onshore conditions as this is the time of year when these systems begin to roll through.
Camp Services
Cabins have bunk-beds, bathrooms and A/C
Please bring your own Pillow & Sheets
Breakfast & Dinner are provided
We’ll be scattered surfing at lunch time so hang out with some new people and grab food between sessions!
No formal transportation provided; talk to your local chapter leader about carpooling.
Rules For Minors
If a parent is not also coming, please coordinate with your local CS leaders about who will be the guardian for the weekend as well as travel plans. Waiver for all minors must be filled out by the parent and turned in to accompanying CS leader.
Helmet required for minors skateboarding.

West Coast Campout: Oct 12-14

Location: Punta Cabras, Mexico (open bluff camping) – Approximately three hours – 125 Miles from US border
Cost: $120
Includes 3 meals a day, water, transportation from San Diego county, firewood, event shirt
Total space available: 45 people
Registration Deadline:  September 1 (but will likely fill up quickly!)
Details on Mexico, Driving, and Safety:
We are organizing approximately 9 vehicles with 5 people each. Every driver will have extensive Mexico driving experience and Mexican car insurance.
Five cars will leave early Friday morning to begin setting up camp, bathroom spots, etc.
Four other cars will leave in the afternoon for anyone who has work/school on Friday.
Punta Cabras is about three miles from a small fishing village and about 15 miles from the main highway. The area is safe, and we have had good experiences with past trips. There will be a certified First Aid and CPR responder on the trip. Please make us aware of any medical conditions and be prepared with your own prescriptions and needed supplies.
We will tent camp on the bluff of the north side of Punta Cabras cove. There are no noise or fire regulations, nor established bathrooms, running water, electricity, or trash services. It’s full freedom-style camping. Come ready to rough it, and remember we are packing out everything we pack in!
The waves are very consistent at Cabras, usually about two feet bigger than the surrounding coast. It is not a popular camp spot because there is a more popular right point about 10 miles north where there is also bluff camping. Cabras is a beach break that has multiple sections that caters to all levels of surfing.
Essential Documents:
EITHER valid Passport OR copy of birth certificate AND photo Identification. The copy of birth
certificate can be a photocopy, it doesn’t need to be officially copied by a notary.
Rules for minors:
Minors must be accompanied by either a family member 21 years of age or
older OR have a signed off waiver placing the responsibility of that minor to ONE Christian
Surfers staff member or volunteer leader of at least 25 years of age with the proper leadership
forms on record. The Christian Surfers leader will be in charge of looking after this minor the
whole trip.
October Information:
Average Water Temp: 60-64 degrees (3/2 full – 4/3 Recommended)
Sunrise: 6:50am
Sunset: 6:19pm
Swell: October/September is usually our best time of year for bigger fall swells which could be
either North West, West or South West.