Join us on November 4th at La Jolla Shores for the 2nd Annual Jesus Fish Festival!

The Jesus Fish Fest is a stoke-filled, outside-the-box, community surf contest in which all competitors will surf on an identical, custom shaped Hank Warner Fish during the contest and then be entered into a lucky draw to win one of the boards after the competition.

There will be a Grom Division and an Open Division that will each have male and female category. The Groms will ride 5’2″ fishes and surfers in the open division surfers will ride a 5’8″ fishes. Each heat will be four man format with each surfer riding an identical board that matches their jersey color. This will even the playing field as every surfer in the event will be riding the same fish that they have never ridden before.

The 8 Fishes are sponsored by local churches and organizations in the San Diego area and each board corresponds with one of four Gospels that tell about Jesus life: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Following the contest there will be a prize-giving at the beach when the lucky draw will happen and every competitor, whether you win your division or lose your first heat, will have a 14% chance (8 fishes / 112 competitors) of winning a one of the Fishes.

Contest details:

Location: La Jolla Shores

Date: November 4th, 2017

Divisions: Open Men, Open Women, Grom Boys, Grom Girls

Entry Fee: $40 (includes T-shirt and 14% chance at winning one the 8 boards that will be given away (Hank Warner Fish) ).

The contest is limited to 112 spots. So sign-up quick!

For any questions contact: (858) 401-9204 or

To sign up, register here!