CS is growing, and we’ve got some job opportunities!

Is a job with CS right for you? A letter from National Director JW Kaiser.

“The best part of my job as National Director is meeting all the amazing people God has brought to our mission both here in the U.S. and around the world.  I love interacting with what I’m coming to know as the “CS family”.  I’ve also enjoyed the many people who are curious to know more about CS. From surf industry executives, to locals at the many beaches and towns I’ve gotten to visit, people are curious about my job. I hear questions like, “so you get paid to surf and tell people about Jesus?” or “are you some kind of surfing pastor?”  I don’t get paid to just surf and tell people about Jesus.  That sounds wonderful though. I’m actually working really hard with our team to build ministry opportunities for surfers to discover more about Jesus Christ as well as building opportunities for surfers of faith to serve both at their local break and beyond.


If you want to connect surfers to faith and these great opportunities to serve, I’d encourage you plug into a local chapter and volunteer to serve on the leadership team or maybe even consider starting a new chapter in your town.  However, if you feel lead to HELP OTHERS to reach out to the surfers and the surfing communities as well as build those ministry opportunities I spoke about, then joining the staff of CS is something you might want to consider.


We are looking for three key roles on our staff team.  First, we are in need of what we are calling an Operations Manager.  Think of this as a combination of CFO and COO roles.  A strong background in running a business, corporate finance or accounting would be helpful.  The other role is that of a Regional Director.  The Regional Director needs strong coaching and management skills as well as an entrepreneurial spirit.  We are hoping to divide the country into different regions and these RDs will have lost of opportunity to develop and maintain chapter ministry and other creative ministry platforms in their regions.  Finally, we have a vision to expand our CSALT internship initiatives.  We are looking for someone willing to live in the southern California area and help develop and direct a cutting edge experience for college aged surfers from around the world.


Let me be clear about a number of things.  You might have to relocate.  You will have to raise a portion or potentially all of your salary.  You will not make much money by comparison to similar business jobs.  You will have people think you are becoming a professional surf bum but in reality you might surf less than you do now working for CS (It is called ‘work’ for a reason).  However, you will have a key role in helping to build a mission that is truly impacting surfers and surfing communities in the U.S. and around the world.  You will get to work along side the “CS family” of staff and volunteer leaders that are the finest surfers I’ve ever met!  You will never be bored.  You will work your butt off.  You will help make an eternal impact in the lives of many.

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at something that doesn’t really matter.” – DL Moody

To apply and get more details about the three roles mentioned, please send resume and cover-letter (identifying which role you are interested in) to info@christiansurfers.com attention JW Kaiser (CSUS National Director).

Together On Mission,

JW Kaiser