We love hearing stories of when a local CS community begins to reach out even further in love, beyond its own community lines. This past winter, the CS crew in Manasquan has been running a coat drive, gathering coats locally to take to distribute on the streets of nearby Philadelphia.  Here’s the story from Danielle Angilletta.

“This past winter, CS Manasquan did our first coat drive and outreach into Philadelphia, PA. We have been searching for ways to reach out to nearby communities and branch out from our typical outreaches on the beach (which is not something we in jersey can do this time of the year). We started to collect around November and it was quite a slow start, not a ton of coats were coming our way.. Then a local shop near us (The Beach House), reached out and asked if they could put up a sign and box for donations and we did not hesitate to say yes. As the event drew close we went to the shop to collect what they had been donated and many large and heavy boxes later we were ready to go. The Lord truly provided what we needed through this shop. We had coats, flannels, hoodies, and also some gloves. Once we had coats in hand and a team assembled we headed to the “Love Park” area of Philly. We walked around the subways, and streets handing out jacket after jacket. Honestly, we don’t know and exact number, but we went though mostly all of the jackets we went with. We had a great time giving to others while also sharing what lasts more than any jacket ever will, and that’s Jesus. We are looking forward to doing this yearly and can’t wait to do it again! Getting together as a chapter and being that light in this world is such a blessing, and we pray our chapter continues to be a light to Jersey and our surrounding areas.”