Daytona Beach Christian Surfers partnered with Urban Surf 4 Kids recently for the “Surf with a Cop!” event.

US4K is a unique nonprofit organization working with children in the foster care system and law enforcement officers to bridge a gap and impart life lessons through the power of water sports. Teaching children first to have fun and then to give back to their communities through service projects, activities like paddle boarding and water therapy allow youth to experience our waters while learning to be empowered.

When we partner with law enforcement officers, we have an opportunity to help forge a relationship where there has been a historical divide. Many times, the only interaction children in the foster care system have had with first responders has been negative. Surf with a Cop is a powerful event that pairs police officers and deputies with children for an unforgettable day on the beach. The result? Life changing and positive connections, a renewed sense of trust, and ultimately a safer community.

From Daytona’s Lacey Niemann:

“What an amazing day! God is so great! His love was all around today. All of the law enforcement officers who put their life on the line for us every day made this event the greatest day ever for foster youth in our community. We are better together!”