Carried by Pat Cummings

I often walk my dog to the beach to check the surf, pray, and let the dog chase the birds. The other day I noticed some tracks in the sand and was reminded of the classic poem “Footprints in the Sand”. The poem talks about a dream that this guy had about his life and Jesus walking with him. The guy notices that during the hard times there was only one set of prints and the man ask Jesus “Where were you during the hard times? How come there is only one set of prints?” Jesus answers, “During the hard times…I was carrying you.”
Have you experienced this? Hard times hit and you’re wondering where is God and it turns out He’s been carrying you. Loving you, protecting you, providing for you, perhaps with out you even realizing. The older I get (I just turned 60) the more I realize Jesus is carrying me most of the time.
Lately, I had another thought about the footprints and Jesus carrying me. Here I am riding piggy back on Jesus and He looks back at me smiles and in a very loving way say “Pat, I don’t mind carrying you, just don’t drag your feet.”
Wow! How have I been dragging my feet? For me it’s when I’m not being obedient to what Jesus wants me to do. Sometimes it’s neglecting our friendship and not spending time with (which is really rude when He’s carrying me). Sometimes it’s thinking I know better than the all knowing King of the Universe. What is it for you?
Truth be told He’s carrying us all the time and that’s the best place we can be! So, enjoy and appreciate the ride! Just don’t drag your feet!