by Chris Kish

We all know the feeling of being caught on the inside on a big day. It wears us out. We may feel like giving up or turning around. But right when that thought comes to mind, we see a perfect right or a perfect left peeling down the beach. We put our heads down and paddle with all we’ve got. After we tell our body that there is no turning back, a big wave sucks over the falls. When we come back up we continue to paddle out only to take another wave on the head. But what do we do? We fight until we get what we set out to achieve.


What if we approached our life in the same way? We all have struggles in life. I plead with you to never believe the lie that you are the only one that is struggling. When a big set wave forms on the outside and no one is in good position – everyone gets worked. In that moment, we’re all equal. In life, we all have struggles, we all experience pain, we all feel abandoned at times, we all question if it’s worth it. What do we do when these thoughts form in our minds? We go to the truth. We look to the goal that we’re trying to achieve.


Jesus left heaven to live among us. He gave up His glory to be a man so that He could empathize with everyone and provide a permanent way to be free from sin, pain and struggles. Jesus has suffered just as we have. Hebrews 4:15 says that “Jesus understands our weaknesses, for he faced all of the same tests we do, yet He did not sin.”

He knows and understands our pain. What a beautiful truth it is that Jesus fought and fights and will always fight for us. He took our place in paying the price of sin. He conquered death so that we could live. When we accept this gift of life we are given a new identity. God declares us righteous (accepted). We now have a new identity and goal in life: to live for Jesus since He died for us and brought us into His family. This hope gives us the power to fight through tough times because we know what’s waiting for us on the outside. So with the truth in us, we fight through the temptations and the pain and the hurt and we fix our gaze on Jesus who is with us.


Just like a surfer who is trying to paddle to the outside but is stuck and can’t go anywhere, sometimes when we walk the path of life, we get stuck along the way. We take another trial right on the head and it crushes us and wears us out. But don’t stop! Keep moving forward, look beyond the obstacle that’s blocking you from the goal. Move forward in God’s grace. And know that there is peace for the journey and peace when you arrive.