Fearless by Solveig Jobbins

Being fearless while having a fear of God- what does that look like?

It seems like opposites trying to collide. I think that’s exactly what it is and why it’s so hard.

But in allowing my perspective to change, it has slowly been making more sense.

God tells us time and time again to be “strong and courageous” and “not to fear” yet He also says to be men and woman who “fear the Lord” so its like He’s saying, don’t be fearful but have fear and be afraid… what?

This world and our bodies and all that we feel are tangible and weighty, but the fact is that it’s nothing in comparison to the loftiness of our God. All of what’s here now has a time that it will fade away, but the time to come that the Lord promises will not fade away. Why should I be afraid of something that has a ticking clock counting down to its completion? Why be afraid of the things that consume my mind, when I can live for a God who is above all things and offers a place to go (eternity/heaven) with Him where there is no pain, crying, or worries? That’s hard to fathom.

So why have fear when I can trust in God and fear Him instead?

I can trust that our God is good and His promises are true. I can trust that He loves me and does actually want the best for me, and no I won’t always understand why things happen and why things didn’t happen in my life but I know “He works all things according to our good” if we let Him and if we keep following Him.

I should fear Him because He is the God of the universe and oh so powerful. Like surfing in El Salvador, the biggest waves I’ve ever surfed, I was so afraid of the power and height of how big the sets were. These waves are forces of His creation, just a small glimpse of how great and powerful He is.

So I’m still figuring this fearfully fearless things out. But I know that we are “wonderfully and fearfully made” and I want to go into each day asking God to remove my fear of disappointing man and not achieving what success looks like here. I want to ask Him each morning with a fearful, grateful heart of Him how I can follow Him.