First Love by Pat Cummings

I started surfing my freshman year of college. As I improved, I remember how bummed I would get when the surf was flat. But I would still go to the beach and just sit there and watch. I would watch as 6 inch waves peeled in as a perfect left and envision little ants riding these beautiful miniature breakers. Sometimes I’d have dreams of me surfing and doing incredible things in perfect breaking waves. It felt so real!

Then things changed. I got married, moved to Virginia and started our family. For the next 30 years, I never lived closer than 100 miles to the nearest break. Except for a couple of surf trips to Costa Rica, I wasn’t surfing. And eventually, I stopped dreaming about surfing.

Just admitting this and writing it down definitely makes me sad. I left my first love.
What if we replaced surfing with following Jesus as the subject to this writing? Do you still have that childlike faith that sees Jesus in everything? Because He is! Is He what you wake up thinking about as you start a new day’s adventure? When you collapse into bed after a hard day do you end with a prayer to Him? Are you passionate for reading His Word?

It’s “sad” that I lost my passion for surfing, but I just got a new longboard and I’m rekindling the stoke. It would be “tragic” if we lose our passion for following Jesus!
If you have lost our passion for following Jesus I encourage you to do 3 things…
-Tell the Lord and ask for forgiveness and help.
-Tell a friend who you trust, and get some accountability on a couple things you want to do you help you follow Him better…like praying, reading His Word or going to Church.
-Finally, come along side of a friend who doesn’t know Jesus and share your faith with them.

May you rekindle your stoke for the one who first loved us again!