IMITATION by Pat Cummings

Have you ever watched a pro surfer and liked their style so much you tried to imitate them? I’ve been watching a lot of old school longboarders trying to get my mojo back after years away from surfing. Maybe you even went so far as to wear the same brands or talk like they do. Maybe you even adopt their philosophy of life and begin to believe in and support their causes. To some extent all of us tend to do this with those we admire to a greater or lesser degree. It’s kind of like the old childhood game “follow the leader.” Someone is the leader and the others follow along trying to do/mimic everything the leader does. Of course those who are closest to the leader usually do the best…seeing the small, subtle moves, hearing the quiet whispers that only those nearby perceive.

In the Gospel of John, chapter 15, Jesus tells us how to follow/imitate Him. He says to remain in Him, or as another translation says “abide in me.” That’s the picture of us being connected to Jesus like a baby being held, protected, and fed by its mother. As we remain/abide/are connect to Jesus we become like Him! What’s better than that?! Jesus is so convinced this is the best way to follow Him that He say to “remain in me” or “remain in my love” 11 times in 8 verses here in John 15. I think He’s trying to make a point!

Here’s the cool part: as a result of following Jesus so closely not only do we become more loving, joyful, peaceful, patience, kind, good, faithful, gentle and self controlled (see Gal.5:22) we become more who we were created to be! Not some robotic clone but a beautiful, uniquely handcrafted daughter/son of God the Father! When we follow Jesus we become part of a family, each created in His image but different. Uniquely gifted but similar! Following Jesus differently but ultimately ending up together with Him!

Following a good surfer and becoming like them and getting better as a surfer is cool. Following Jesus and becoming like Him and being His friend is the KEY TO LIFE! Now and forevermore. Take a few minutes today to read John 15 for yourself and reflect on this.

photo: Aaron Hughes