Intimacy by JW Kaiser

Surfing is an intimate experience. The sights, sounds, smells, feels, vibe, relationships… all lead to an encounter that can be described best as intimate. When you push under a wave and you feel the power with all your senses you have found intimacy with the ocean. When you see the colors of the sky at sunset or sunrise and you are speechless with peace and a sense of your smallness, you have experienced a type of intimacy. When you yell at the top of your lungs at a friend or even a stranger with a giddy joy because of the wave they are paddling into, you have found some kind of intimacy. Why are surfing’s intimate moments so engaging, yet intimate moments with Jesus are moments we avoid? Maybe it is because we intuitively know that intimacy automatically breads revelation, and revelation will always demand change in our life.

We don’t mind the revelation that surfing brings because the change brought by that revelation is easy for us to deal with. Surfers have even given it a name… stoke. But with Jesus, there seems to be a layer of fear we have to face first. Read the Gospels. In every case, the person Jesus was encountering, and offering life-changing intimacy to, had to deal with fear at some level. One of my favorite intimate moments described in the Gospels is with the woman who actually wet the feet of Jesus with her tears over her past sins. She then used perfume, which was a tool in her profession and valued at a year’s wages, to anoint the feet of Jesus. She was filled with feelings of repentance and gratitude. She came to Jesus, even in the face of scoffing religious leaders, with boldness and vulnerability. With her passion and her posture she asked for mercy and received it along with grace that brought intimacy that I’m sure changed her life. (Luke 7:36-50)

What intimacy awaits each of us in the presence of the Savior! But, be warned. Like an intimate encounter with a powerful wave, intimacy with Jesus will bring a powerful revelation about yourself and God. This revelation will demand change in your life and that change will be God’s best for you.