Life to the Full by JW Kaiser

About a year ago a number of us in Christian Surfers US noticed that other national CS movements around the world were using “Life to the Full” as their tagline. It started showing up on t-shirts, flyers, tents and on the sides of vans. We loved it and have joined in with the same motto. The verse comes from John 10:10 where Jesus said, “I have come so that you may have life, and life to the full.” For a movement that values community and adventure, LIFE TO THE FULL seems to be a perfect fit for a mission such as ours.

Let’s take a look at the context of that verse. Right before, Jesus is setting up the idea that we are sheep and that he is the “good shepherd.” He tells us that He is the gate and that those others that would do us harm don’t come in through the gate. His words are strong in the first part of verse 10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…” Yikes! I share this because as you see us using “Life to the full” more in the future, I don’t want you to think its only about warm fuzzy feelings and good times. We do want to be a mission that laughs abundantly. We do want to be a mission that pushes our comfort zones to ride better waves, explore new cultures and to reach out to those who need help and who need to experience the Gospel. However, we also want to be a mission that is keenly aware that not all is good vibes and stoked feelings at our local beaches. There are those who, like sheep, have gone astray and are heading toward a life of hopelessness and despair or even worse, deception. We want to be aware that there are many in the surfing community that, as verse 5 says, will “run away from Him because they do not recognize a stranger’s voice.”

We can’t let Jesus be a stranger to our friends and fellow surfers. Let’s make our new tagline, “Life To The Full” a part of our mission, but more importantly, let it be a potent reminder that we have a calling, given by Jesus, to provide direction and hope to the sheep like us, surfers and those in our surfing communities. Let’s live LIFE TO THE FULL together.