Now What? by JW Kaiser
Imagine it’s been flat for a long time, but the forecast shows to be very promising in a few days. It would be easier to wait on the approaching swell, trusting the forecast that good times were ahead. You’d probably make sure your board is waxed up and ready and rearrange some responsibilities. You would be filled with excitement and anticipation.
As we look back on a weekend where the church around the world celebrated the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we need to be reminded of the need for a response. Let’s quickly recap. On Good Friday, it looked like all hope was lost. The followers of Jesus had put all their faith and hope into Jesus from Nazareth and then had to watch him die a common criminal’s death.  On Saturday, the followers of Jesus all scattered and hid in fear and despair.
However, they hadn’t paid attention to the forecast. Jesus himself, supported by the old testament scriptures, had shared with his friends and followers that he would have to die but then… three days later rise! How could they hear it and not believe? How could they have doubted this forecast?  They were, like many of us, blinded by what we see as our present reality. We can not see past what we perceive to be the ultimate truth in front of us. Are you facing an obstacle that seems insurmountable? You are living in “Saturday.” Does all hope seem lost in some or most areas of your life? You are between the shock and disbelief of Friday and the miracle of Sunday.
What if you denied the surf forecast, looked out at a flat ocean on Saturday, and then decided to give up surfing once and for all, even when there was an epic swell forecast for Sunday? When we get to Sunday and see that the forecast has come true, you have to ask yourself, “Now what?” Do you deny the miracle and live in a Saturday mindset even on a glorious Sunday morning, or do you jump in and paddle for the horizon with hope?
The forecast of the resurrection of Easter Sunday came true. So now what? How will your life be different? How will the world be changed because you no longer live in a Saturday mindset, but rather an Easter Sunday reality?