Prayer by JW Kaiser
What is the shortest and most meaningful prayer you’ve ever uttered? Chances are they’re one and the same. Maybe you were about to take a large set wave on the head and you thought, “Lord, help!” That’s the kind of prayer I’m talking about.  Short and quick, but meaningful. That kind of prayer certainly comes from the right place in your heart…survival.
I’ve been praying lots of those types of prayers lately. No, I haven’t been surfing big waves (I wish). Life has just been challenging in different ways and I’ve had a few conversations with God that were the “Lord, help!” type of prayers.
Remember the story from Matthew’s Gospel when Peter actually walked on water with Jesus (Read Matthew 14:22-23)? Most of us remember that because being surfers, we all think it must have been a little like surfing to walk on water. But, do you remember what happened when Peter panicked? He begins to sink and then prayed a similar prayer that you would when you are stuck in the impact zone… or worse, “Lord, save me!” Life can throw situations at us that make our worst days of surfing seem like a pleasant experience and at those times, “Lord save me” is maybe all we can muster. Jesus grabbed Peter as he was sinking. He saved him. He is near to you now too… right where you need him to be, and he is mighty to save!
From SACRED RHYTHMS by Ruth Haley Burton:
From prayers that are more formal & structured
to those that are informal & spontaneous,
from prayer w/ words to prayer that’s beyond words,
from the most intimate expressions of love offered privately to God
to words spoken in unison by God’s people when they’re together,
from the eloquently written prayers of the church
to the breath prayer that’s nothing more than a gasp of need
or a sigh of love or a groan of longing,
from the prayers uttered in beautiful cathedrals
to prayers offered on the side of a mountain—
every breath we take can be a prayer,
uniting our heart to God & harnessing the energy of our life
to God’s great purposes.