Pregnant With Possibilities by JW Kaiser 
How many times a week do you check Surfline to see what the future holds for your local surf spot? The life of a surfer has to be one of eternal optimism as we look forward to what the future will bring to our love of surfing. Think about it, your best all-time surf session might be just around the corner in the new year.
The providential timing of Christmas coming right before the start of a new year couldn’t be a better reminder to us that newness is pregnant with possibilities. New year…new possibilities! However, for one teenage girl the newness she was going to encounter gave her cause for concern. The Gospel narrative of the birth of Christ reminds us that Mary wasn’t married when the Angel came to her with the news of her pregnancy. She hadn’t even had sex with Joseph, the man she was engaged to, which I’m sure came to him as shocking news as well. The angel reminded Joseph that “All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel (which means ‘God with us’)” Matthew 1:22-23
Mary’s son Jesus would not only be God in the flesh but also the way of salvation for those who would believe. No pressure Mary and Joseph, but don’t drop the baby!
If there was a Surfline forecasting site for your new year, it would say that your life is pregnant with possibilities too. And similarly to Mary, what God is birthing in us will bless us and those around us. Every moment of your new year is pregnant with the possibility that God would glorify himself and bless you in the process. Your relationships, your finances, your job, your ministry, even your failures can be used by God to “birth” peace, love, and hope for yourself and the world around you!
Like all pregnancies, what will happen in your life will probably be messy, hard, and even scary. There will be days you will doubt whatever God is birthing in you is good and true. You will probably even, like Mary and Joseph, doubt you are worthy. But make no mistake. God has chosen to put his promises in you and the possibilities are amazing!