Have you even broken a board? There are actually many ways to break a board.  A small ding can take on water and eventually ruin the board just as bad as if you had split it in half.  A friend of mind put his brand new board in the back of a pick up truck bed and then saw it flying off into four lanes of traffic over a giant bridge. I never heard how that one turned out, but there is no way it had a happy ending.  Most broken board stories don’t have a happy ending either.  Even if a board is recovered and fixed, it certainly is never the same as the day it left the shaper’s factory.

It would seem we have a lot in common with a broken surfboard.  We were created with love for a great purpose; designed to be flawless.  However, things happen. The world and our own actions turn against our divine purpose.  We are broken.  Just like a surfboard with one small ding or crack, we aren’t the perfect work of art we were created to be.  Or are we?

Our story is different than that of my friend’s surfboard flying off the bridge and the many boards that are broken every year.  Our story doesn’t have to end at brokenness.  Our heavenly Father calls us to give our sin and brokenness to him.  He says that “If we are in Christ, we are a new creation.  The old is gone and the new has come.” – 2 Cor. 5:17   Did you catch that? We have to be “in” Christ.  Envision giving all your broken pieces to a God that loves us and placing them “in” his mighty hands.  When we are “in” Christ our brokenness is made new because of the work of Christ on the cross.  God doesn’t fix us.  That is what the world tries to do.  Fix us.  We don’t need fixing.  We don’t need just a good ding repair job.  We need to be re-created.  Only our creator can re-create us to be new.

So, next time you break a board, even just a little, let it be a reminder that God is not just a creator, He is a re-creator.  The miracle of faith is that in Christ, we are not fixed, but made new.