Scarred by JW Kaiser

Oh, the wonders of social media! How else are we going to know who got annihilated in the shore break if not for @kookslams? How else would we know that @shanedorian’s 11 year old son already rips harder than all of us? Who do you follow? We all have our favorites. One of my favorites to follow is Filipe Toledo. I love his style, general attitude, and how he cares for his family and friends. Not to mention his surfing is next level. I’ve meet him a couple of times and he is a genuinely friendly and humble guy for someone who is such an absolute ripper!

A number of days ago, he posted on social media about an unfortunate and unwanted encounter he had with a reef in Tahiti. His back was ripped up and bleeding. It looked gnarly. I thought that if I had not seen that moment of honest vulnerability on social media, I would not know something had happened to him next time I see him in a wetsuit or contest jersey at a WSL event. I wouldn’t know about his scars just underneath his jersey or wetsuit. My guess is that he healed up and was back in the water quickly. Some are not as lucky.

Once, Jesus encountered a man with a terrible disease called Leprosy. The physical and emotional scars from this disease are too much to endure for most. He came to Jesus and in complete humility and vulnerability asked Jesus for healing. Jesus heals him; changing the man’s life in many ways. He actually touched the man’s scars, which was unthinkable in that culture. Please read it for yourself. (Luke 5:12-18)

Jesus does what he does. He is mighty to heal and save. He is looking for some brave souls who would be willing to humble themselves and share the truth of their humanity; the truth of their scars and brokenness. He is willing and ready to meet you in your weakness and touch the scars that you may have been hiding from others. There are all kinds of scars we hide. What are the ones you try to cover up? Are you willing to be that vulnerable and come to the One that can touch you and change you forever?