SHAPED by JW Kaiser

Have you ever shaped a board? It’s much harder that you think it will be. I tried it one time. What I created wasn’t surfable. What I shaped wouldn’t have even looked good hanging on a wall. What I shaped wasn’t worth the materiel cost. The process taught me what I already thought to be true; good surfboard shapers are gifted, appreciated and worth their weight in resin and foam.

How do they do it? They basically start with a foam blank and then carve, cut and shave away everything that doesn’t look like the surfboard they intend to create.

This process is what God is doing with us. God is carving away everything that doesn’t look like what he intends for his masterpiece. Yes, you are an intended masterpiece and the “shaping” process you are undergoing will take some time and might not be so comfortable.

Would a block of foam cry out if it could while the shaper uses the plainer or while it is being sanded down? Maybe. At times the process that God is using to shape us is painful. None of us enjoy having to be patient or being told no. None of us like heart-break and disappointment. In essence, the tools God uses to shape us are at times not comfortable. However, we must trust these tools in the hands of a all knowing, all loving, completely sovereign God who treats us like beloved children rather than a block of foam to be carved up. Our pain and struggles with this process hurt his heart too (as it would any good father), but he knows the ultimate outcome of our ongoing design. If we submit to this process, we will become more like Jesus and more aware of the Father’s great love and plans for us… becoming his beloved masterpieces.

“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Jesus returns.” Phil 1:6