Storms… by JW Kaiser
I was on a boat in the Caribbean with some friends on an adventure to surf, dive, fish and explore.  We had stopped to explore a reef but the wind was wrong for waves so we threw on our snorkels and made the swim over to the reef. I looked up about 45 minutes later to see the captain was racing toward us in the life raft, literally yanking us into the boat. The skies had turned as black as night and by the time we got back onboard, there were three huge waterspouts swirling about a mile away off our stern.  The captain was strapping himself to the helm of the boat as he looked at us and said, “Start praying.” The sky itself looked like it could kill us, and our merry little adventure was taking a new turn.
Once when Jesus was crossing a sea a great storm came up, and his friends panicked and probably had the same look in their eyes that I did that day. They actually found Jesus asleep. His friends wondered aloud if He cared that they were about end their journey in a stormy death. Jesus simply woke up and rebuked the wind and waves and the sea went calm.
Normally surfers aren’t interested in calm seas, but given the reality of real storms like that, and metaphorical storms, we all would prefer calm seas. What is going on in your life right now that feels like a storm?  A health storm? A financial storm? A storm at work or home? Whatever the storm, know that Jesus isn’t worried. What does it take to awaken our Lord to calm the storms of life? As the men did that day, ask Jesus if he cares. Go ahead… push the issue with God.  Does He really care for you?  Can He really calm the seas?  We all will go through many “storms” in life and if we turn to Jesus (in faith or fear) and ask for help, He will respond in ways that only God can.  And when that happens, we will all say as the men in the boat did that day, “Who is this that even the wind and the waves obey him?” and we will know that God is for us and very much awaken to the storms of our lives.  Oh, btw, God heard our prayers that day on the boat. The giant waterspouts split and went around the boat, sparing us that day and even giving us blue skies above.