THE CROWD by JW Kaiser
How many times have you seen the extended swell forecast on Monday morning, and see waves for Thursday, and now that’s all you think about for the next few days? You daydream in school or work. You start making little wave drawings on your notebooks. Then the next thing you know, it’s Thursday! You skip school (not that we condone that) or conveniently forget about a meeting at work (still not condoning) so that you can make sure to get a few hours of the morning glass. You jog through the parking lot pretending to be your favorite pro heading out for your heat. The waves are looking solid. However, you see now that you will have to enjoy them with 300 of your closest friends. The crowd ruined a good thing, again.
We are told in Luke‘s gospel that there was a short man named Zach (Zacchaeus). He wanted to see Jesus for who he really was but we are told he couldn’t because of the crowd. As Jesus came through town, the crowd was in Zach’s way so, he found a tree to climb where he could get a better view. Jesus called out to Zach, and he came down from the tree and his life was never the same. Sometimes the “crowd” is the kids at school or your co-workers. Other times the “crowd” is your own family or friends. Still other times the “crowd” could be in your own head with your thoughts. Zach not only changed his vantage point in the tree, more importantly he was alone away from the crowd.
AW Tozer writes, “We Christians must simplify our lives or lose untold treasures on earth and in eternity. Modern Civilization is so complex as to make the devotional life all but impossible.” He wrote those words before the Internet. Next time you are in a crowd at work or school or with family and friends, online, or even in your own head space, find some solitude time. Get away from the crowd. Your perspective will change and you just might get a chance to encounter the living God like Zack did.