The Way by JW Kaiser

About a year ago I got to surf Jeffreys Bay for the first time. For a guy like me, who grew up surfing beach breaks on the east coast, there are many things that make JBay a challenge. First, there is just knowing how to get into the water and into the lineup. There is a tricky rocky edge to the shoreline and you have to know where the “keyhole” is. If you are fortunate enough to have a local show you where that is, you still have to figure out where to sit in the lineup, not to mention how to get back in at the end of your session.

I’ve worked in vocational ministry for 25 years now, and the question I’m asked more than any other is “How do I know what God’s ‘will’ or ‘plan’ for my life is?” As if there is a “keyhole” we must find, or all hope is lost.

There are many dusty old books on shelves and many shiny new ones promising its readers to help find their path in this world. There are podcasts, youtube channels, seminars, conferences, palm readers, and folks at the bar all offering advice. They all claim to know where the “keyhole” is. They may even be happy to help you try to find it. But just like at JBay, it’s not just getting out into the lineup, it’s about catching waves and then getting back to the beach. That is where all the systematic self-help or even other religious structures fall short. What we need isn’t as simple as a keyhole. We need a guide. We need a personal guide to show the way, and in Jesus Christ, the WAY is a person.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to Father except through me.” John 14:6

In surfer terms, Jesus is saying “I am the Keyhole, and I’m also going to guide you out into the lineup and back onto the beach…and all the days of your life”.

“I rarely know where I am going in my life’s journey, but I look back and see that God has been leading my every step and I did not even know it.” – A.W. Tozer


photo: Roy Harley