Translation by JW Kaiser

One of the CS Ambassadors, Nate Dorman, is a traveling professional surfer. He not only competes on the WSL’s QS tour but he has the opportunity to connect with surfers and the surfing communities around the world and share the Gospel in relational way. Nate shared a story recently with us about one of his fellow professional surfers.

While spending a few weeks in Brazil for a tour event, Nate had the opportunity to share the story of God’s amazing love for us to his Brazilian friend. Nate was trying to convey that God died on the cross to take away our sin. So many things are lost in translation and it is hard to find some common ground at times. The theme of sin is one of those concepts that is really hard to understand if you can’t find the right word in their language. After a few minutes of Nate doing his best to explain how God takes away our sin, his Brazilian friend finally explained with excitement, “Oh, I get it. Jesus died for my sh*t! God takes our sh*t!” Yes he did and yes he still does. Even when the right words don’t seem to work, our desire to love and serve others and to share the story of God’s amazing love for us will be meet with thankful hearts who get it…even if things don’t translate exactly the same.

In CS, we have the amazing opportunity to be translators to a subculture that has its own language and culture. Surfers are such a unique culture and tribe. In the end it’s not our words that will make the biggest difference. The reason Nate’s friend was able to understand the Gospel for the first time wasn’t Nate’s words but rather his actions. He has been building a relationship with his friend for sometime. He stepped out of his comfort zone and laid his competitive ambitions aside so he could care for and love his friend. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a foreign country or at your own beach, God can use you to translate the Gospel to a friend that you’ve earned the right to share with.

“We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God’s Good News but our own lives, too.” 1 Thessalonians 2:8