Wanted > Needed by JW KaiserThere are many father / son shaping combos that come to mind. How amazing is that that some of the greatest shapers in the past 50 years have passed down the craft to their sons. Serving God is similar. God is the master craftsman, shaping lives of those he loves, and he has invited us to join him in this endeavor. This opportunity is what many refer to¬†as “ministry”.

God has so many opportunities available to us to serve him and others. Some are exotic and require a big life changing move, while others will require us to simply smile and offer a kind word and a helping hand to the person at the convenience store. Either way, there is a great truth about ministry that many people haven’t considered. The truth is, God doesn’t need us. God does not need you or me to “do” ministry. God doesn’t need anything because he is fully complete in his Godness. The Kingdom will advance and God’s greatness will be known even if we don’t love and serve others. Rocks will cry out (Luke 19:40). Donkeys will talk (Numbers 22:28). Bushes will burn with the voice of God (Exodus 3:5). Remember, this is the same God that created the universe without our help and who will continue to spin the Earth on its axis without our permission.

So you aren’t needed, but even better, you are greatly desired by God. He wants you. He wants you to know how loved you are. He wants you to know how forgiven you are. He wants you to know how uniquely you were designed. He wants you to follow him into the battlefield of people’s lives and all he ask for you to do is to follow and trust Him. In the end, it will be God’s greatness that will change lives. He will want us to be a part of the transformations of people’s lives like a master craftsman who wants to pass on the opportunity to his son or daughter. Not because he needs them, but because wants to love them.

“The more I think about the meaning of living and acting in the name of Jesus, the more I realize that what I have to offer is not my intelligence, skill, power, influence, or connections, but my human brokenness through which the love of God can manifest itself.” – Henri Nouwen