Your Forecast by JW Kaiser

Surf forecasting has changed surfing in many ways. The obvious ability to somewhat predict when swell and conditions are optimal is more than helpful as we try to fit a surf into our busy lives. However, it has also made us lazy. How many times have you heard, “It was so good” but you missed it because you only relied on your favorite forecast instead of having a go and checking the conditions for yourself?

As we look at the end of the the life of Jesus we see a profound prayer he offers to his Heavenly Father. “I brought you glory here on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do.” (John 17:4) This is amazing! Has anyone ever prayed with such confidence a prayer so important? Here we have the incarnation of the Son of God, proclaiming that he completed his mission. In fact his last breath was to confirm this fact as he uttered, “It is finished” (John 19:30) on the cross before he gave up his life.

Sadly, many of us will not be able to share in this confident prayer at the end of our lives, because we live caught up in the current of mainstream worldly living. We have paid attention to the forecast that says, “Take care of yourself before others; protect yourself; pursue wealth, comfort and power; embrace your worldly desires.”  Jesus could have easily pursued those things with great success, however he was laser focused on his Heavenly appointed mission!

How do we begin to live lives of purpose along with others on a similar mission? It starts with the effort for us to abide in the Father.  Jesus dedicated time in quiet seeking his Father’s will. Jesus denied worldly desires, which were just as difficult if not more than what we deal with (he could have had anything he wanted to satisfy himself with the snap of his fingers). So lean in and abide in the Father’s love and good and perfect will for you. Lean in and listen quietly for the gentle direction of your Creator.  At the end of our earthly lives we want to be able to feel like we pursued the life He wanted for us rather than to be filled with regret because our personal and worldly forecast mislead us.