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LIVING WATER Intimacy by JW Kaiser Surfing is an intimate experience. The sights, sounds, smells, feels, vibe, relationships… all lead to an encounter that can be described best as intimate. When you push under a wave and you feel the power with all your senses you have found intimacy with the ocean. When you see [...]

31, 12, 2018 5:34 am

LIVING WATER: Pregnant with Possibilities

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Pregnant With Possibilities by JW Kaiser How many times a week do you check Surfline to see what the future holds for your local surf spot? The life of a surfer has to be one of eternal optimism as we look forward to what the future will bring to our love of surfing. Think about it, [...]

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LIVING WATER: The Fog and the Christ Child, Part II

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If you didn’t get to read “Part I” from last week, let me catch you up: I surfed some really good waves in a thick fog bank all alone. Although, the part of the story I left out, was that once the fog bank lifted, I realized I actually wasn’t alone at all. As the [...]

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LIVING WATER: The Fog and the Christ Child, Part I

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The Fog and the Christ Child (Part 1)… by JW KaiserHave you ever been surfing in a thick fog bank?  I’m talking about a fog so thick that you can’t see the waves from the beach.  It’s almost as if you have an idea which direction to paddle based on memory, and once a short [...]

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  Fearless by Solveig Jobbins Being fearless while having a fear of God- what does that look like? It seems like opposites trying to collide. I think that’s exactly what it is and why it’s so hard. But in allowing my perspective to change, it has slowly been making more sense. God tells us time [...]

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Surfer Snapshot: Ben Martin

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Name: Ben Martin Age: 47 Hometown / Surf spot: Pensacola Beach Stance: Goofy Favorite Wave in the world: Rocky Point, Hawaii Favorite Surfer: Tom Curren Favorite Movie: Rocky Favorite food: Filet Mignon What’s the most embarrassing concert you’ve ever attended? Oingo Boingo Why do you lead with CS? I believe in the mission to reach Surfers in [...]

19, 11, 2018 4:33 pm

3rd Annual Jesus Fish Fest

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The 3rd annual Jesus Fish Fest, which has to be the coolest surf contest format out there, went down on November 10th- Surfers competed in heats of 4, only riding identical twin fin fish all shaped by local shaper Hank Warner. 96 surfers came out to Crystal Pier in San Diego for the 3rd [...]