The Paddle

Join us and hundreds of surfers around the US for the first annual “Paddle with a Purpose” on Aug 18!

Surfers on all types of boards are meeting up to paddle a mile at their local beach. The PADDLE WITH A PURPOSE is your chance to show that when we all contribute something small, big things happen.

Our goal is to raise the needed financial resources for the work of Christian Surfers local chapters and also make a donation of 10% of all funds raised to Groundswell AID (the global community development arm of CS.) 

Join in by paddling or donating and help make a difference!

The Causes

Along with building local surfing communities as places to grow in faith, Christian Surfers serves and partners with organizations that do amazing work.

From South Africa to Chile to Indonesia, Groundswell AID helps support numerous social projects like Mercy Huts, Hope House, Aleph Surf, Pura Vida, and South Beach Stoke.

How to Get Involved

You’re going to have an epic time at CS’s Paddle With A Purpose!  This is a fantastic way to connect with many other surfers all over the US to support the work of Christian Surfers in the US and our work around the world through our new “brand” called Groundswell Aid. Groundswell Aid is our work that involves  Community Development causes like clean water, housing, orphan care, education, and more.
What better way to help raise vital financial resources than paddling in the big blue ocean with other surfers (and maybe surf a few waves along the way!)
Here are the simple steps to join in on this amazing effort. Don’t miss the killer prizes we have for the most money raised!
2)  Register for the event – $25 covers your T-shirt and administration fees.
3)  Create your GroupRev donor page and share with your network via social media, email, or text. Talk it up online and in person!
4)   Join in with the local CS paddle. Chapter leaders will have details on where and when to meet the morning of the event.
5)   If there isn’t a CS Chapter nearby, grab a friend or ten and organize your own Paddle With A Purpose.  This could also be a great first step to potentially starting a CS chapter at your local beach!
6)   Get in shape for the paddle! Keep your supporters updated on your progress in reaching your funding goal and maybe share a photo of you getting ready for the big paddle. And yes, a regular surf session counts as training…
7)  If you are organizing the paddle, plan out a safe location, just beyond the waves, paddling parallel to shore. We recommend a half mile down to a clearly marked landmark or marker, and then back to the starting point. Avoid piers, jetties, inlets, crowded breaks, and places with heavy boat traffic.  Send out emails and texts with details a few weeks before Aug. 18th.
8)   On August 18th, it’s on! We suggest you keep a stronger paddler or two in the back of the pack for safety.  Put someone out front who knows where the turn around point is.
9)   Plan a celebration at the end for your accomplishments! Take some photos and share with your donors and make sure to thank each one of them.  We will do a national “thank you” and let them know where their generous donations will be used!
10)   Look for your T-shirt in the mail and get pumped up for the 2018 Paddle Against Poverty! We will award a prize for the most money raised by a single paddler, as well as the most money collectively raised by a chapter or group of paddlers.
All donations will be distributed with 80% to local CS chapter, 10% to Groundswell Aid, and 10% to cover administrative fees.
First place prize for most money raised is a new surfboard from Degree 33.  Most collective money raised by a chapter or group gets free Cobian sandals for each participant in the paddle.  Anyone that raises over $5,000 can participate for free at any CSUS event in 2018/19! (does not include a Surf Missions trips.)
All participants under 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult like a chapter leader.  1:1 child/adult ratio is needed for participation of for those under 18.)  

Groundswell Aid exists to partner with existing community development projects around the globe who have a heart for social justice and surfing! We believe in asset based community development, wherein each project, guided by local contacts, drives how we can best support them. Some of the ways we support projects include service trips, supplying necessary equipment, providing training, promoting locally made goods and assisting with finances for specific one-time costs. We desire to see real life change for every surfer and every surfing community.

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