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We use this information to better serve our constituency, with regard to the content of our website, the items in our store, the membership levels and events we promote.  We respect our users privacy and vow to use this information with integrity and honesty.

By visiting our website you inherently agree to the stated privacy policy below.

Christian Surfers collects information from its site visitors in two ways, personally identifiable, and non-personally identifiable.

Personally Identifiable – This information would include any time you enter your email address or any other personal information on our website manually.  This can be during a purchase, or signing up for an email list within the website.  This information is used to fulfill whatever request you are making by entering it (filling an order, registering for an event), etc.  Your personal information will never be sold to a 3rd party, all personal information will be used as it was intended and not for other purposes.

Non-Personally Identifiable – This information would include site traffic reports, browser data, cookies, and other information gathered on the website for our users as a whole.  We use this data for demographic information, as well as to share and report traffic to the Board of Directors and potential advertisers.

3rd Party Sales – In some cases, we have partnered up with a 3rd party on our webstore or membership program.  In these cases, your personally identifiable information is sent to the 3rd party so that they are able to process your order.  For example, if you order a tee shirt, the 3rd party that prints and ships our tees will receive your order information for processing.  You will not be added to an email or regular mail list, the information is used solely for your merchandise order.

Advertising – At any one point in time, there may be one or more advertisements or external links on our website.  Once you click a link that is outside of www.christiansurfers.com, the stated privacy policy is no longer valid.

This policy may change without notice.  If you wish to remain updated on the website policies of Christian Surfers, simply download the latest version of this document.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything stated in this policy, you can reach us by mail, phone, fax, or email (see below).
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