In early April, I was given the opportunity to serve with Christian Surfers and Youth With a Mission down in Mexico. As we were venturing further into Mexico, every bump on that dirt road sparked a new doubt in my mind.
*Bump* “God, how are you going to use us to further your kingdom?”
*Bump* “God, are we going to be safe?”
It’s so easy to trust in our own planned blueprint for our lives, because we find control. We find rest in the things seen. This was my natural state of mind as I was starting the mission.
However, I started to see what it meant to be a Christian through the unexpected.
One beautiful moment I experienced was while building a Home of Hope for a Mexican family. As I was placed on the roofing team, I told God “Alright Lord, how’s this going to work? I’m not going to be able to share the good news while on a roof?”
Hammering one nail by another, lifting wood pieces on top of each other, and sweating into my shirt was the best thing I could do for the Kingdom at the time. Then, the opportunity came.
The mother, noting that we were exhausted, approached us and immediately started working. As I used my elementary-level spanish to converse with her, she was smiling and we were able to bond. This was my chance!
“I want to share a verse with you, can I?” I asked her.
“Of course,” she answered in Spanish.
After I unlocked my phone, I showed her Romans 5:8-9. Then, I waited for her to finish reading it.
To my surprise, after reading the verse, she closed her eyes and bowed her head. And all she said was “Yes.”
I felt her heart, without words. It was one of pain but also one of strength and hope.

In that moment, God showed me once again what it meant to live for Him. Not to have all answers, but to say “Yes” in the slow but fast pace of our lives. That, many times, love is without words, and an expression of the heart.