Project Description

Join Christian Surfers as we take our first trip in association with Acts 29 and the local CS Ecuador. The local area has a strong surf culture, and we will be surfing with the local groms and have time to share stories and hear about each other’s lives on this trip, along with doing a few hours of service work at the local community center. The typical perception of surfers is one of partying, drug and alcohol addiction, and the local CS loves to have mature followers of Jesus who are surfers spend time in the community for the groms to see a better way. We will be putting on an outreach surf movie night, with a message included, handing out Bibles and being immersed in the community.

  • Dates: January 12- January 21
  • Location: Montanita
  • Cost: $580 (Trip costs also includes transportation and breakfast, does NOT include airfare)
  • Team Size: Max 10
  • Partners: Acts 29
  • Application Deadline: December 19th
  • Activities
    • Outreach Movie night with WOW movie
    • Service Work at community center
    • Surf & Hang with local groms and local CS