Name: Abigail Remke
Age: 16
Hometown: Pensacola, FL
Stance: Regular
Favorite Wave in the world: Velzyland, Oahu, Hawaii
Favorite Surfer: Julian Wilson
Favorite Movie: Mamma Mia!
Favorite food: Strawberries
What’s the most embarrassing concert you’ve ever attended? I’ve never really been embarrassed at a concert, because my whole family is always kinda goofy all the time so I don’t get embarrassed easily!
Why do you go to CS? (one sentence): I go to CS to share my love of God, the Ocean, and Surfing with others.
What has changed in your life since inviting Jesus into it? I have become much more appreciative and thankful of what I am blessed with, and I have learned to really be grateful for having the opportunity to celebrate my faith with others!

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