We’ve got a special edition this week with “Under an Arctic Sky” Cinematographer and our friend Ben Weiland!


Name: Ben Weiland
Age: 33
Hometown / Surf spot: Oceanside
Stance: Goofy
Favorite Wave in the world: Sub Bowl
Favorite Surfer: Torryn Martin
Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park
Favorite food: Pizza
What’s the most embarrassing concert you’ve ever attended? Creed. Just kidding, I wish.
What’s your creative inspirations? Nature, other artists, books, and movies
Why do you go to CS? I like to spend time with friends that love surfing and love Jesus.
What has changed in your life since inviting Jesus into it? Jesus is someone who gives me freedom from being caught up with myself, who I can trust, who challenges me and gives me purpose.