Name: Cheyne Jobbins (CS Carlsbad Chapter Director)
Age: 25
Hometown / Surf spot: Carlsbad, CA / Beech Street
Stance: Goofy
Favorite wave: The Spot, Newcastle, New South Wales
Favorite surfer: My brother, Luke
Favorite movie: Forest Gump, Loose Change
Favorite food: Tie between chicken and rice, pizza, or my Grandma’s spaghetti
-What’s the most embarrassing concert you’ve ever attended? The open mic night during bible college – there were some pretty bad ones
-Why do you go to/lead CS? I go to CS because God has created my heart to love Jesus, community, and surfing and that is exactly that CS is. Also to hassle groms.
-What has changed in your life since inviting Jesus into it? My life has changed in every way. He not only saved me in the past tense, but is currently saving me from myself. I can’t imagine my life without him running it.