CS Pacific Beach took a day trip down to Mexico recently to serve together as a chapter with Unity for Orphans. Here’s an update from PB’s Devin Bowman:

“One of our core values in CS Pacific Beach is to be a group that is set apart and that gives back to the communities around us. Unity for Orphans is an incredible organization that helps fund and provide the necessities for three orphanages outside of Rosarito, Mexico and across Nicaragua. We were able to rally 20 of our CSPB crew to partner with U4O to donate food, baby essentials, and money to take down to one of the orphanages in Mexico.

It was really an eye opening experience for us to see how truly blessed we are in United States and gave the group a heart of compassion for the orphans in Mexico. We got to stand in the gap and love on the kids, play sports, paint the girls finger nails, and hear from the orphanage leaders what is needed to help sustain the orphans and give them a fighting chance for a brighter future.

Our outreach trips to Mexico are just one of the many ways God has allowed us to use our resources and time to love and give back to those in need. We plan on going back this summer for a beach/surf day with the kids this summer and hope to gather more supplies/workers/funds to bless the orphanages that U40 funds.”