12, 03, 2018 12:00 am

Surfer Snapshot: Taylor Green

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Name: Taylor Green Age: 13 Hometown: Pensacola Beach Stance: Goofy Favorite Wave: Trestles Favorite Surfer: Tatiana Weston-Webb Favorite Movie:  Daddy's Home 2 Favorite Food: Pasta Why do you go to CS?  I enjoy connecting with other surfers who love Jesus. What has changed in your life since inviting Jesus into it?  Jesus is my [...]

26, 02, 2018 8:27 am

LIVING WATER: Dead or Alive

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Dead or Alive by JW Kaiser I'll cut right to it: I've nearly died a few times while surfing. I'd bet many of you reading this have too. Surfing is a fairly dangerous platform; heavy moving water, rocks, reefs, surfboards with sharp fins.  Then there are the dangerous creatures in the water. I'm not talking [...]

12, 02, 2018 8:37 pm

2018 CS Calendars

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2018 CS Calendars are available! Keep track of the year with some incredible surf images from around the world, with updates and prayer request of what's going on globally in over 38 nations with Christian Surfers! The CS Prayer Calendar is an international collaboration stuffed full of beautiful surf breaks, and can be on [...]

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Revealed by JW Kaiser My home surf break is a small barrier island on the east coast. Here, the tidal range is about six feet but the coastline is flat and the water relatively shallow. We have to rely on sandbars to shape our waves, and surfers often spend time talking about what new sandbar [...]

12, 02, 2018 6:27 pm

Surf Missions Trip Update: Dominican Republic ’18

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The DR Surf Missions team has returned from a great trip! Throughout the week, the team partnered with the local CS crew and Ninos de la Luz. Ninos de la Luz is a local boys home which aims to take boys off the streets and place them in a family environment where they live, [...]

5, 02, 2018 6:56 pm

LIVING WATER: Keeping Score

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LIVING WATER Keeping Score by JW Kaiser Are you a free surfer or a contest surfer? The basic difference seems to be the desire to keep score and judge your surfing against others. Even if you are free surfer, there is a tendency to judge yourself and compare yourself against others in the lineup. It’s [...]

29, 01, 2018 2:57 pm

LIVING WATER: Translation

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  Translation by JW Kaiser One of the CS Ambassadors, Nate Dorman, is a traveling professional surfer. He not only competes on the WSL’s QS tour but he has the opportunity to connect with surfers and the surfing communities around the world and share the Gospel in relational way. Nate shared a story recently with [...]

28, 01, 2018 6:30 pm

Surf Expo ’18 was a ball!

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We had a great time serving together in Orlando at the Surf Expo and want to thank all our awesome volunteers. We had surfers out from PBA, Stetson, Jacksonville, even Carlsbad, CA and more! Check out some images from the industry panel and CS Volunteer crew, and make sure to join us to serve at [...]