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Living Water – Worship

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WORSHIP… by JW Kaiser When I was young, I didn't care much for going to church. I grew up in a “high church” tradition where there were lots of candles and organ music. I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t know how to sing and most of the songs had words I didn’t understand. I just [...]

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SHAPED by JW Kaiser Have you ever shaped a board? It’s much harder that you think it will be. I tried it one time. What I created wasn’t surfable. What I shaped wouldn’t have even looked good hanging on a wall. What I shaped wasn’t worth the materiel cost. The process taught me what I [...]

6, 11, 2017 6:17 am

LIVING WATER: Remembering

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REMEMBERING by JW Kaiser Have you ever noticed that you can recall some of the best sessions you’ve ever had in surfing at anytime? When I was a teenager, I actually kept a journal where I logged my sessions so I could remember them later. I stopped doing that after I realized the good sessions [...]

6, 11, 2017 5:56 am

Jesus Fish Fest ’17

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With a minimal surf forecast and fears that there might not be any waves to ride, the Good Lord provided some fun 1-3 ft windswell and the 2017 Jesus Fish Fest went OFF this past Saturday! Nearly 80 surfers entered the contest, and along with the competitive spirit there was an awesome sense of community and [...]

30, 10, 2017 5:48 am

LIVING WATER: Mysteries of Faith and Sea

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Mysteries of Faith and Sea  - by JW Kaiser Where do good waves come from?  The quick answer is wind from storms from far away. But how does that even work? Seems hard to fathom how a storm off of Africa or Antarctica could make their way across great oceans to come slamming to a [...]

23, 10, 2017 5:35 am

Come out for the 2nd Annual Jesus Fish Fest!

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Join us on November 4th at La Jolla Shores for the 2nd Annual Jesus Fish Festival! The Jesus Fish Fest is a stoke-filled, outside-the-box, community surf contest in which all competitors will surf on an identical, custom shaped Hank Warner Fish during the contest and then be entered into a lucky draw to win one of the [...]

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The 2017 CSUS Conference

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We've got to say it: The bar was high for our national gathering, yet this weekend blew us away. Over 175 surfers, with almost every US Chapter represented, gathered in Carlsbad for great waves, even better community, and truly inspiring speakers. We learned that our conference host Matt Beacham is really, really serious about beach [...]

9, 10, 2017 4:05 am

Living Water – What’s Your Stance

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What's Your Stance? By Pat Cummings In surfing you're either a regular foot or a goofy foot, thats your stance, those are your two choices. In life, we have a lot more options to choose from with regard to our stance on how we live life. We could take an aggressive stance, or a "take [...]

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2nd Annual Surf City Fall Foamy Classic

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Surf City, North Carolina's hit event, the "Fall Foamy Classic" ran Saturday with lots of participants in wild costumes surfing soft top foam boards in 4 different divisions. Proceeds went to a range of local non-profits. Check out the video in the link below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFhNSFw-1Yk